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With Adams credit, you have access to DKK 20,000. You pay no establishment costs and you only pay interest on the money you spend. 

You will receive a bank transfer of DKK 20,000, but you can, for example, Just use the $ 7,000 the first month. You now have 8,000 DKK back in bank credit and can, for example, raise another 3,000 DKK a month later. In other words:

  • You can collect as much as 20,000 KR.
  • You decide when you raise.
  • You only pay for the amount you have raised.

You will receive an immediate response when you apply for bank credit. If you are approved, you can have the money in your account within 45 minutes.

Adams is usually known for their microphone. Here you borrow between 500 and 6,000 and payback within 30-45 days. These microloans from Adams are now scrapped in favor of the credit. This is because the credit can be used exactly like the old microloans, but with several advantages.

With Adams credit, you have access to DKK 20,000.

Adams credit differs from Adams microloans by the following:

  • You can borrow a higher amount
  • You can choose the amount of money you borrow
  • You can borrow the money for up to a year

If you need to borrow up to 20,000 kr, then Adams credit will be a good offer for you.

Take a look at good online payday loans

If you apply for a good payday loan at One Payday: legit during normal opening hours, you can have the money in your account already after 45 minutes. If you apply outside the bank’s opening hours, you will not be able to receive the funds in your account before the next banking day. But when the banks open, you will receive the money. It’s fast money.

Free for 30 days

As a new customer at Adams, you will receive interest and fee-free credit for up to 30 days. To use this free option, you will have to pay the money back within 30 days. You can fine-tune the credits again, but now with the usual prices.

No setup fees or start fees

On many loans, a payment fee is paid before the money is paid. This is not the case with Adams. You only pay for the credit you use. You should not explain what you spend the money on when you want the money or how much you need. You only draw on the credits when you need it. Each time you withdraw money from the overdraft, they will automatically be transferred to your NemKonto.

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