What can you do and buy with a payday loan?

In Belgium we like to renovate and renovate our home: construct a terrace or garden, renovate the attic, install a new kitchen, renew the bathroom. Every renovation gives your home a very personal character and makes your home unique.

However, renovating or renovating has an important cost price and even the best do-it-yourselfer needs money to buy the necessary building material to be able to carry out the works. If there is not enough savings left, a payday loan for renovation or loan to carry out work is the right solution for all renovation projects.

What are the conditions for a payday loan for renovation?

  • Own his home
  • Specifications, order forms or invoices can be submitted for the works
  • Need an amount between € 3700 and € 50,000
  • A duration between 2 and 10 years wishes for the refund

What can I buy or do with a payday loan for renovation?

There are numerous possibilities! All permanent renovation works, indoors or outdoors, that are bound to your home are eligible, as is the purchase of the necessary building material. Some examples:

  • Renovation work indoors: fitted kitchen , bathroom, electricity , …
  • Expansion works: garage, porch , carport, …
  • Renovation outdoors: swimming pool , terrace, landscaping , electric gate, …
  • Energy-saving renovation works: double glazing , heating boiler, solar panels, insulation , …
  • Building material: tiles, parquet , glass wool, …
  • Built-in kitchen appliances : stove, oven, dishwasher, …

Before working out your renovation projects, be sure to take a look at one of our previous articles and discover our tips to find the right and recognized contractor to carry out your renovation work and avoid bad experiences!

Can I decorate my interior with a payday loan for renovation?

If you prefer to renew your interior with new furniture, curtains, a new color on the walls or other devices, you can not enjoy the conditions of a payday loan for renovation. You can, however, request an interior loan , for tenants or owners who want to give their home a new look . Even the smallest spaces deserve a revamp, check out our tips !

All renovations are therefore allowed and in many cases you can enjoy the cheapest rates of the payday loan for renovation! Do not hesitate any longer, calculate your loan online thanks to our simulator and let your imagination and creativity run free.

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